Gold Packages

Grand Entrance

Grand entrance effect: what better way to be welcomed to a celebration than with some theatrics. Two or four fountains (depending on available space) are placed on either side of the entry door and set off when the bride and groom are entering the room. Some choose to have these fountains fire when they reach the dance floor rather than at the entry door. Either way, it is a very superior way of making an entrance!

Fire & Ice

Fire and ice effect: For the lovers of simplicity, this minimalist option is for people that just want the basics but still want a fantastic show. Four fountains scattered around the dance floor, coupled with the dancing on clouds addition (dry ice) will surely amaze your guests!

The Cascade

The Cascade effect: The cascade backdrop is also used during slow dance in addition to the fire and ice option, to create a spectacular waterfall effect. It is occasionally used for bride & groom entry but is recommended for use during slow dance. This is done by hanging six fountains upside down and discharging them downwards.

Dancing On Clouds

Dancing on clouds effect: Ever wondered what its like to ‘dance on clouds’ to your favourite all-time song, with the love of your life? This amazing effect will leave your guests breathless while providing you with a dreamy magical experience. Not to be confused with a fog/smoke machine, this one uses a mixture of dry ice and hot water to create a smell-free cloud effect.

Crackling Cake Effect

Crackling cake effect: Two extra height fountains of spectacular quality, providing a grandeur background whilst the couple stand between them, and count down to cut your wedding cake! Another grand way of showing off your fireworks addiction but still keeping the attention on what matters.